SBDC Consultants and Trainers

  • Andra Hargrave

    Andra Hargrave

    Government Contracting, Certifications, Federal Supply Schedules

  • Becky Fuller

    Becky Fuller

    Financial Analysis

  • Bob Kittridge

    Bob Kittridge

    Leadership Development, Mindset

  • Bonnie Moss

    Bonnie Moss


  • Brad N. Whitten, CPA, CVA

    Brad N. Whitten, CPA, CVA

    Accounting, Bookkeeping

  • Carrie Clarke

    Carrie Clarke

    General Business, Legal

  • Chris Banta

    Chris Banta

    Accounting, Bookkeeping, QuickBooks

  • Christina Gilbertson

    Christina Gilbertson

    Attorney, Business Law

  • Cory Arcarese

    Cory Arcarese

    General Business Consulting, Minority Businesses, Certifications, Southeast CO Springs Focus

  • Coryn Mann

    Coryn Mann

    Cybersecurity, Government Contracting

  • Darrell Fleck

    Darrell Fleck

    General Business Consulting, Financial Analysis, Franchising

  • David Schroeder

    David Schroeder

    Commercial Real Estate

  • Eric Mann

    Eric Mann

    Cybersecurity, Government Contracting

  • Gene Thornton, Esq.

    Gene Thornton, Esq.

    Attorney, Employment Law

  • Jackie Gonzalez

    Jackie Gonzalez

    Financing, Financial Analysis

  • Jacqueline Staples

    Jacqueline Staples

    General Business Consulting, Financial Planning, Marketing

  • Janet Brugger

    Janet Brugger

    General Business Consulting, Human Resources, Minority Businesses, Southeast CO Springs Focus

  • Janna Hoiberg

    Janna Hoiberg

    Family Business Consulting

  • Jay Christianson

    Jay Christianson


  • Jennifer Bridges

    Jennifer Bridges

    General Business Consulting, Human Resources, Marketing, Health & Wellness

  • Jennifer Christianson

    Jennifer Christianson


  • Jennifer Kurtz

    Jennifer Kurtz


  • John Lubitz, Esq.

    John Lubitz, Esq.

    Attorney, Business Law

  • Jordan Davis

    Jordan Davis

    SEO, Website Development, Social Media

  • Kelly Bise

    Kelly Bise

    Financials, Accounting

  • Lane McMillen, CPA

    Lane McMillen, CPA

    Accounting, Bookkeeping, Taxes

  • Loren Lancaster

    Loren Lancaster

    Customer-focused Strategic Consulting | Business Community Infrastructure

  • Mark Bittle

    Mark Bittle

    General Business Consulting, Marketing, Strategic Planning

  • Mark Spencer

    Mark Spencer


  • Pat Fitzgerald

    Pat Fitzgerald

    Business Insurance

  • Pete LaBarre

    Pete LaBarre

    General Business, Real Estate

  • Rich Mills

    Rich Mills

    General Business, Marketing

  • Rob Amerine

    Rob Amerine

    Certified Business Intermediary (CBI)

  • Robin Roberts

    Robin Roberts

    Financing, Financial Analysis

  • Rodney Gullatte, Jr.

    Rodney Gullatte, Jr.


  • Ron O'Herron

    Ron O'Herron

    Veteran Business Affairs

  • Roy Griggs

    Roy Griggs

    Government Contracting

  • Sandy Lamb

    Sandy Lamb

    General Business, Management, Employee Development

  • Shawn Murray

    Shawn Murray


  • Steve Imke

    Steve Imke

    General Business Consulting

  • Tascha Yoder, MBA, CPCC

    Tascha Yoder, MBA, CPCC

    General Business Consulting, Health & Wellness

  • Terry Zarsky

    Terry Zarsky

    Market Research, PPLD Library Services

  • Tiffany Cox

    Tiffany Cox

    Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

  • Tim Fitzpatrick

    Tim Fitzpatrick

    Marketing, Social Media

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